Harmony Multi-Media, LLC - Address: 209 Shardan Ave - Curwensville, PA 16833
Phone: 814-768-7440

Harmony Multi-Media, LLC

Our goal has always been true to helping our clients make the most of the technology available to their business. Every industry integrates new technologies into their every day operations. Harmony Multi-Media is determined to make the utilization of new technologies as painless and affordable as possible.

Technology, business and marketing all come together with Harmony. From new ways to market your business, internal structure, computer services, computer networking, and website design to video and multimedia productions. We have a service or product that can help your business become more efficient and more profitable. 

Creative Design

Graphic Design, Illustration, Brand Imaging, Screen Printing, Web Design, signage, vehicle wraps etc…

Video/Audio Production

Profesional video production, editing, computer animation, profesional voice over, profesional audio production, Profesional video shoots, drone footage, video conversion/encoding etc…


Makrketing planning and application, Advertisising buys


Hosting Plans, Domain Registration, Site Lock, emails, etc…


wordpress training, tech support, consulting, marketing support

Computing Solutions

From custom builds to speeding up the old bogged down computer, Harmony can save you time and money by making your office or home more efficient. Let us fix your current computer or build you a new computer that is right for you and your establishment.